Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care – ensuring your child’s outcomes are positive in the workplace.


If your child has signed up to become an Apprentice or a Trainee, they are going to begin a journey that will be filled with inspiration, drive and perhaps some difficulties along the way. For some young people, they may feel alone for the first time. Whilst the independence may be a positive experience, it can also give them a strain of worry that they have not had before.

This is why the CLC works closely with all trainees and apprentices, as well as with parents, to provide a level of ‘pastoral care’, helping with all areas of work experience during their training.

All apprentices and trainees will have their own Recruitment Adviser who will be available for support at all times; helping to sort out problems with employers, transport, illness, attitude and even motivation. They help young people move from employers and industries that do not suit them, to ones that do – to help make the training experience as positive as possible for everyone involved.

Here at the CLC, we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has a positive outcome – employers, young people and parents too. We work incredibly hard to ensure that all of our young people reach their employment goals, and to ensure that all parents and guardians feel informed and confident during the process.