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The Care Learning Centre began offering services as a training provider in 2001. In the past 16 years, Care Learning Centre has gained a reputation as a successful, flexible and supportive provider of traineeships and apprenticeships in the South of England.

Funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency, and rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted, the Care Learning Centre works hard to partner with employers, schools, academies, colleges, local authorities and the Job Centre Plus to offer high quality industry based Apprenticeships for employers.

Whether it’s providing employers with people of all ages to fulfil their Apprenticeship, or whether it’s carefully matching 16 – 24 year old’s with a scheme that suits their career aspirations, the Care Learning Centre works hard to create opportunities for everyone to learn and move forward.

Care Learning Centre have different levels of apprenticeship based qualifications. Employer’s existing staff can carry out an apprenticeship to either start or further their career.  Apprenticeships start at the initial level 2, through to level 3 and onto a level 5 management course.

Claire Turner, Managing Director of the Care Learning Centre, said: “When we were inspected by Ofsted we were considered to have an innovative Apprenticeship programme, highly motivated learners who enjoy their training and the flexible arrangements that we provide. We have continued to build on our services to ensure that all learners gain confidence and improve their skills in the workplace through our programmes. At the end of their Apprenticeship, our learners are often given full time positions within their chosen industry as they become valuable to their employers.”

If you think that the Care Learning Centre could help you – please get in touch today. We’re happy to help.